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"May" we open??

Well, May is here & we are normally (for the past 23 years) busy getting our campground ready for another busy summer season......not this May!!! We are not sure when or if we are going to be able to open due to Covid 19!!! Our lives are on hold just as all yours are I'm sure.....we were preparing for a very busy summer with lots of reservation! Now we are getting nothing but's always so exciting to open our emails, now its not so exciting at all!! We are happy to know though that you are acting responsibly & planning to stay home this summer & keep yourself & everyone else safe. That is what we are doing as well....after all it is all about staying safe, staying well & planning a trip to Newfoundland & Labrador in 2021 when we have all settled in a "New Normal"! Take care, Alice & Dennis

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